Welcome to the MOLST Update Archive! The MOLST Update is an eNewsletter is dedicated to providing up-to-date information on MOLST and eMOLST and aims to support shared medical decision-making that is well informed. Frequently asked questions and key educational resources for clinicians, patients, families and caregivers are highlighted. The eNewsletter provides a platform for recognizing the outstanding work being accomplished by eMOLST Champions statewide and for members of the MOLST Statewide Implementation Team to share their insights.

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Jul - Dec 2021

  • July

    • Dr. Bomba has Retired!

Jan - Jun 2021

    • February

      • ECHO MOLST + eMOLST Returning for Spring 2021 Clinic Series
      • Perspective on ECHO MOLST & eMOLST at Mount Sinai South Nassau
      • MOLST Education Champion: Indra Daniels, MD
    • January

      • First Do No Harm
      • Expanded Authority and Accountability for PAs
      • eMOLST: A Risk Management Tool

Jul - Dec 2020

    • December

      • 2020 Impact of eMOLST During COVID-19
      • 2020 Impact of MOLST During COVID-19
      • eMOLST Champion: All eMOLST Users
    • November

      • Advance Care Planning is a Patient’s Right
      • The Value of Our Family’s Thanksgiving Tradition During COVID
      • eMOLST Champion: Beth Popp, MD, FACP, FAAHPM, HMDC
    • August

      • COVID-19 Lessons Learned from New York
      • ECHO MOLST + eMOLST – A “Telementoring” Approach to End-Of-Life Care Education
      • eMOLST Champion: UHS Primary Care Provider – Julie Barnes, FNP-C

Jan - Jun 2020

    • June

      • Expanded Authority for Physician Assistants Beginning June 17, 2020
      • eMOLST During COVID-19
      • eMOLST Implementation at Mount Sinai Health System
    • April

      • Crisis Demonstrates the Need for Advance Care Planning
      • Make Time to Prioritize MOLST
      • Clinicians Are Gaining Urgent Access to eMOLST
    • March

      • COVID-19: The Value of MOLST & eMOLST
      • Know Your Choices. Share Your Wishes. Create Certainty During Uncertain Times
      • Additional eMOLST Benefits During COVID-19
    • February

      • Questions About MOLST? Consider ECHO MOLST + ECHO eMOLST
      • ECHO MOLST + ECHO eMOLST: A Proven Education Model on End-of-Life Care
      • eMOLST CHampion: St. Lawrence Health System

Jul - Dec 2019

      • November

        • Adopt My Family’s Thanksgiving Tradition
        • eMOLST & ABBYY
        • eMOLST Champion: The Maplewood
      • October

        • MOLST is Signed, Now What?
        • Community Principles of Pain Management Updated 2019
        • eMOLST Champion: Christine Wilkins, PhD, LCSW
      • September

        • ECHO MOLST Moving to Wednesdays for Fall 2019 Clinic Series
        • Share the Voice of the Patient and the Family
        • eMOLST Champion: Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital

Jan - Jun 2019

      • February

        • Updates to the NYSDOH MOLST Form and NYS Public Health Law
        • ECHO MOLST Returning for Spring 2019 Clinic Series
        • Coming in 2019: eMOLST UI/UX Update

Jul - Dec 2018

      • December

        • 2018 in Review
        • 2018 eMOLST Growth
        • eMOLST Champion: Visiting Nurse Service of New York (VNSNY)
      • September

        • Share Feedback on Draft MOLST Form Revisions
        • ECHO MOLST Launches September 13
        • eMOLST Champion: Allison “Allie” Zambito

Jan - Jun 2018

      • June

        • Addressing MSSNY Concerns Regarding eMOLST Registry
        • Authority of Nurse Practitioners Expanded
        • Dr. Bomba Earns eMOLST Honor
      • April

        • Patients Deserve a Statewide NY Registry for Health Care Proxies and eMOLST
        • CompassionAndSupport.org Gets Complete Overhaul and Gains Sister Site, MOLST.org
        • eMOLST Champion: Meg Greco, MPA
      • March

        • New NP Bill Aligns with Current NYSPHL
        • Respecting Choices: A Systematic Review of Published Evidence
        • eMOLST Champion: Sam Rueby
      • January

        • Combined Health Care Proxy and eMOLST Registry Bill Introduced
        • Next Steps on New Nurse Practitioner Law
        • eMOLST Champion: Call9

Jul - Dec 2017

      • December

        • Authority of Nurse Practitioners Expanded
        • The Patron Saint of New York’s MOLST
        • eMOLST Champion: UHS Senior Living at Ideal
      • November

        • Adopt My Family’s Thanksgiving Tradition
        • ECHO MOLST: Why, What and How
        • eMOLST Champion: UHS Palliative Care Team
      • October

        • eMOLST Integration Options With EMR
        • MOLST for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
        • eMOLST Champion: United Health Services
      • September

        • Physician Assisted Suicide: Not a Constitutional Right
        • Construction Ahead! CompassionAndSupport.org Website Revision
        • eMOLST Champion: Carolyn Kazdan, MHSA, NHA

Jan - Jun 2017

      • June

        • Please Support eMOLST Legislation
        • Changing the Culture of Advanced Illness and End-of-Life Care
        • eMOLST Champion: Excellus BlueCross BlueShield
      • April

        • Upstate New York Survey Reveals Gap Between Knowledge and Action
        • Conversations Change Lives. Start Your Conversation Today!
        • eMOLST Champion: Katie Orem, MPH
      • March

        • Know Your Choices. Share Your Wishes.
        • Study Confirms Positive Impact of Thoughtful End-of-Life Conversations
        • eMOLST Champion: South Point Plaza Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
      • January

        • JAMDA Article Highlights Need for Multidimensional Approach to MOLST & eMOLST Implementation
        • Top 10 Reasons to Use eMOLST
        • eMOLST Champion: NYU Langone Medical Center

Jul - Dec 2016

      • December

        • eMOLST Enhancements in 2016
        • IPRO’s CMS Special Innovation Project on Transforming End of Life Care on Long Island: A Year in Review
        • eMOLST Champion: John T. Mather Memorial Hospital
      • November

        • Adopt My Family’s Thanksgiving Tradition
        • Community Conversations on Compassionate Care
        • eMOLST Champion: St. Ann’s Community IT Team
      • October

        • Measure What Patients Want
        • Dr. Patricia Bomba Receives Prestigious Recognition and Award
        • eMOLST Champion: Rochester RHIO
      • August

        • Legislative Update
        • Lessons Learned in South Korea
        • eMOLST Champion: NY-RAH

Jan - Jun 2016

      • June

        • South Korean Officials Praise NY MOLST and eMOLST
        • Bill Introduced to Establish a Statewide eMOLST Registry
        • eMOLST Champion: Orange Regional Medical Center
      • April

        • New National Survey Reports on Barriers to Advance Care Planning Discussions
        • Bill Introduced to Authorize Nurse Practitioners to Execute NY MOLST
        • eMOLST Champion: Greg Smalter
      • March

        • National Healthcare Decisions Day
        • Update on Dying in America
        • eMOLST Champion: Watertown Internists, PC
      • February

        • National POLST Paradigm: The Next Phase
        • Pew Trust POLST Paradigm Toolkit
        • eMOLST Champion: Kaleida
      • January

        • eMOLST Growth & Enhancements in 2015
        • IPRO Launches Successful Transforming End-of-Life Care Initiative
        • eMOLST Champion: Iroquois Nursing Home

Jul - Dec 2015

      • December

        • IPRO Awarded Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Special Innovation Project to Improve End-of-Life Care
        • A Community-Based Approach to Advance Care Planning to Honor End-of-Life Wishes
        • eMOLST Champion: Sara Butterfield, RN, BSN, CPHQ, CCM
      • November

        • CMS Supports Advance Care Planning
        • Adopt My Family Thanksgiving Tradition: Share What Matters Most
        • eMOLST Champion: Dr. Emma Fattakhov
      • October

        • The Value of Empathy
        • End of Life Discussions: A Terminal Patient’s Perspective
        • eMOLST Champion: Alfredo Torres, MD, FACP
      • September

        • Clinicians Are Obligated to Follow MOLST
        • MOLST and FHCDA
        • eMOLST Champion: Jonathan Karmel, Esq.
      • July

        • Let’s Talk About Death, Dying & Living
        • Children & Advance Care Planning
        • eMOLST Champion: Nancy Girard, D.O.

Jan - Jun 2015

      • June

        • Welcome to New York’s MOLST Update
        • Lessons Learned from New York State
        • eMOLST Champion: St. Ann’s Community


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